“Had some dental problems, had to get two wisdom teeth extracted and two other teeth in prep for implants. The staff here makes you feel at ease. The day of my appointment, I was a bit nervous, but I was put under IV anesthesia, and you know how those appointments go. I wake up about an hour later? I am in some pain, but they monitor you well and send you home with all the right prescriptions. As far as the healing and procedure : A+++, wow, I felt pretty good the day after and 3 days after I was pretty much at 100%. Great doctor.”  – Jon 

“She’s amazing. Period. Wisdom Teeth that were just eating me alive.
I saw her on Monday for a Consultation, Pulled on Thursday, I was alive and not in a ton of pain on Saturday. She said that ‘Well, you’re a good healer’. I tend to believe she’s a master of teeth pulling.  Three weeks later, no pain, my wounds healed masterfully, and I’m wholeheartedly recommending her services to anyone who needs some quality dental work.Her staff is also a big plus.” – Dan 

” The staff and Dr. lee are top notch! Very friendly, professional and willing to work with my schedule to help with any issues! They are superb! ” – Patti 

“Dr.Lee and her office are seriously wonderful. My regular dentist referred me to her, and I have been very pleased with the work they’ve done. I had all four wisdom teeth out, and they made the surgery process easy and painless and quick. When I had issues with pain prior to my follow-up appointment, Dr.Lee was able to fit me in really early one morning before her surgeries that day to look into my problem and to help me out. She really cares about her patients and goes out of her way to make sure they are treated well. I hope I never need to have dental work done again…but if I do, I will definitely have it done with Dr.Lee’s staff!” –Ben