Parking Information

 We do not have any validating parking.

We do have a contracted rate with SCAD SHOW Garage.

Discounted Parking Rate 


Located next to Scad Show

1155 Juniper Street NE Atlanta,GA 30309   

  • Please bring your ticket to our office for a reduced rate sticker. We do not validate.
  • After parking the closest building entrance will be by the Chick-Fil-A. You will exit parking garage onto street level crossover 14th street and you will end up in front of the “The Grove” which is an open seating area with wooden stairs that will lead you to the entrance of Chick-Fil-A you will continue to walk towards Moe’s Southwest Grill to your left of Moe’s will be the entrance to the Lobby through the glass doors.
  • You may also find other parking options in the area at your own convenience.
  • There is a parking deck located directly underneath Colony Square for easier access.
  • If you have any issues finding out location please call 404-874-1115


If you walk to Colony Square: There are two entrances One through next to Starbucks or the entrance through Chick-Fil-A.